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We are a comprehensive college planning service. We assist students in selecting the right college and help make sure that families can afford their students scholastic dreams.

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Financial Guidance

College costs have increased 7 to 8% each year over 40 years. Today, four years of college could cost over $200,000. Without the aid of professional guidance, an average family may sacrifice their retirement plans, incur very large amounts of debt or worse yet, not be able to send their children to college at all. Click the link below to see how we can help.

College Process Experts

If you are looking at sending your children off to college, you need to contact us. While you can do it on your own, ask yourself if you really want to take on this potentially overwhelming task. You can also do your taxes on your own, your own lawn care and your own oil change. But most people pay to have these done by experts. We can help you plan for one of your largest expenditures you will see in your lifetime.

Student Guidance

Student guidance is vital, by helping students determine their interests, course of study, and preferences, they are less likely to transfer schools or change major, both of which add substantially to the cost of college and can diminish their experience of college, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Our Students

Today's College Solutions helped me to narrow down my academic interests and lead me towards the path I am currently on at UC Davis. Going into the college applications process, I was unsure of what I was looking for in a university, but by working with the mentors at Today's College Solutions, I was able to find what I was looking for and am having the best college experience because of their guidance.
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Sona B
San Diego
Today's College Solutions helped me navigate the confusing admissions process with extreme clarity and I felt relieved knowing that they were there to help me at all times. All the counselors are very funny and likable people and I looked forward to my visits each week. In the end, I got into a number of colleges I previously thought were "reaches" and came away from the process feeling accomplished with some newfound confidence. I cannot recommend Today's College Solutions enough as they truly care about each student they have and will work tirelessly to find the best fit for everyone!
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Akhil G
UC Davis
Working with Today's College Solutions was one of the best decisions I could have made when it comes to the college application process. Using the guidance of the team at Today’s College Solutions, I was able to create a list of colleges I wanted to apply to. The team helped me narrow down my list of schools based on which universities fit my criteria from social life to academics. After creating a list, Today’s College Solutions helped me fill out applications, brainstormed ideas for the countless essays, and edited them to a final draft. Finally the team gave me advice on choosing the college that I would attend, and without their help who knows if I would have ended up as happy as I am at the University of Michigan.
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Jason W
University of Michigan

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