Today’s College Solutions has done an amazing job. Our son is now in his second year of college and our daughter is a high school junior. Until we met the TCS team, we were lost trying to navigate the overwhelming college process. The TCS staff walked us through the entire process and began educating us and involving all of us in the process. Our son learned about colleges he was unfamiliar with and was able to get several acceptances to great schools all with financial packages that we could live with. Because we started early with our daughter's plan, we will be able to have the resources necessary to make her dreams a reality without sacrificing our long term financial plans. I couldn’t say enough about how great you guys are and how much you have helped our family

Tom C.
Camarillo, CA

Our daughter came home from school and said there was a seminar we HAD to go to. My husband and I work full-time and to be honest, we didn’t know much about college planning. We just assumed the school, counselors and friends would guide us through the process. I mean it wasn’t that complicated when I went to college. When we arrived at the seminar we met numerous families and we were all in the same boat. As the seminar began, we realized how much had changed, how much we didn’t know and how much help we really needed. The competition for admission was intense, the costs were far more than imagined or that we had planned for, and the application and financial aid process seemed daunting. After the seminar, we set up a meeting. It was the best decision we could have made. Beth, our oldest daughter, began working with Darryl and Debbie. They seemed to take all the stress out of the one of the most stressful decisions we had to make as a family. They walked us all through the process. They worked with Beth and asked her questions that we never thought to ask and helped arrange several college visits. They completed all our financial paperwork and coordinated her test tutoring. The end result, Beth got into her dream school, even though when we started she had no idea what that was. Next year they begin working with our twins who will be freshmen in high school. I know they will be in good hands. Thanks for all you have done and I look forward to working with you on the boys’ future.

Karen G.
Agoura Hills, CA

Thank you for helping me pick out colleges that were the ideal fit for me as a person. Your caring, understanding and probing questions really opened my eyes as to what would really suit me in a college. I was unsure and unclear as to where I wanted to go but you really took the time to guide me in relation to my grades, scores, major and interests. Thank you for always being so patient with me calling, e-mailing and texting you all of the time. You will always be that special mentor that made such a remarkable difference in my future! By the way, Xavier was the perfect choice. I love it here.

Cathy S.
Encino, CA

Thank you so much for all of your help and support. Mitch would not have gotten into Duquesne University without your coaching, guidance, motivation and exceptional recommendations. Once we began the process with you, I couldn’t keep him away from your student sessions. I have never seen him so motivated, excited and confident. Thank you for allowing us to sleep better at night and know that my investment was well worth it for my piece of mind and for my son’s future.

Steve and Stacy R.
Ventura, CA

To the Staff of Today’s College Solutions;

I personally want to thank all of you for the wonderful experience we’ve shared, and continue to share, over these past several months throughout this arduous process in the planning and selection stages of my daughter’s college, as I am now proud to say,” Go Zags.” I have always been a firm believer in the college planning process, and knew we needed the assistance of outside professional services. Our local high school counselors are good but they just didn’t seem to have the time to work one on one with Mia. We had a lot of questions and never once did you disappoint. I could not be more pleased with your staff's professionalism and knowledge and all their efforts in fulfilling all the obligations required in making this process a smooth, stress free and successful one. I am still amazed at how much your staff knew about so many colleges and how you helped find Mia the perfect fit. I strongly encourage anyone with high school kids to seek the advice of this type of service, and I especially recommend Today’s College Solutions in helping to meet all those obligations. It is a lengthy process, and one that can be very frustrating, but with the help of a professional service such as Today’s College Solutions, it can be most rewarding, especially when you realize your child’s dream is attainable. Again, my sincere thanks to Today’s College Solutions, especially Darryl, Debbie, and Pam for helping to make my daughter’s dream come true.

Lauren D.
Calabasas, CA

Wow, my experience with the whole college planning process has been astounding. I was not aware of all of the options that are available as far as colleges, financing, testing and the sheer amount of paperwork that is involved. Thanks to Today’s College Solutions, they took care of almost everything. I just needed to supply the paperwork and follow their directions. Each person on your staff is an expert in answering all of my questions no matter how trivial they may seem. Their response is that it is better for me to be knowledgeable in all facets so that I am comfortable. I am a single mom and without Today’s College Solutions’ support I do not know what I would have done.

Liz H.
West Hills, CA

When we chose Today’s College Solutions, we had no idea of what the value of the product and your services would be. I honestly do not know how you do it! You have covered every aspect of the college planning process for a minimal investment. Your assistance alone in helping us navigate through all of the forms has been invaluable. Your financial guidance in maneuvering through all of the “financial games” has given us an amazing financial package and made it possible for us to say yes to our son and his collegiate dreams. Its comforting to know that you are still there for us each year as the system changes and attempts to lower our options. We are looking forward to the updated financial information and are thrilled you’re in our corner.

Will and Emma F.
Hesperia, CA

We just wanted to say thank you for all you have done in helping us get our sons, Jamie and Jarrod, ready for college. Two years ago, we saw an ad in the paper for one of your free seminars at the local library, and thought, let’s go and see what they have to offer. We went, but we were very skeptical. I thought that we would get just enough information and then be told to set up a meeting to be “hooked” into an expensive program. Thankfully, I was wrong.You have helped not only our sons get into the right colleges, but were cognizant of our retirement planning, pointing out not just to look at the college costs for each year but the total package each one offered, and suggested phenomenal schools that we would not even have thought about for either boy. I could not feel better about the way it was all handled. You made it so easy for us, that I cannot thank you enough. Not only filling out all the forms that are needed, but also pointing out how and where to get the funding needed, and steering us away from the unhelpful things the colleges try to get parents to do. I know that you will say you were just doing your job, but thank you for all you have done.

Ted & Myrna W.
Spanish Hills, CA

We met Debbie after attending one of Today’s College Solutions college seminars. Like other parents looking at college we are concerned about the cost. We met with Debbie and she did a great job of explaining the college process: researching colleges, the college visits, coordinating applications, and the whole financial aid exercise. I know from my friends’ horror stories how difficult the FAFSA process can be. Between work, school, and senior year, time is a premium. Having an expert to handle the FAFSA and CSS eased a significant amount of our concerns. Meeting with Debbie was informative and low pressure. She gave us information to read and various options that could be used to pay for school. The most interesting was the unique method of saving for college expenses. After reviewing the services provided and the money we could save in the college price negotiation process, it was an easy decision to use their services. I would definitely recommend working with Today’s College Solutions.

Shoshana S.
North Hollywood, CA

Today’s College Solutions really helped us get organized with a laid out plan of attack, and it’s great to have their wealth of information to draw on. There is a comfort level knowing that TCS is looking at the whole picture and that they are there as our safety net. It was nothing like this when we went to college! We just applied and were done.

Tim L.
Lancaster, CA

Today’s College Solutions gave us a strategy for creating real options, not just a list of schools. It would be easy for them to name 10 schools for us to visit, but focusing on 10 schools we can’t afford gives us zero options. With TCS we learned that finding a good college fit is a process, something you need to work for. You need to consider all of your goals and objectives in order to make informed decisions. You guys were awesome.

Clair V.
Woodland Hills CA